Man sentenced in alcohol death of 18-year-old Missouri woman

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. | A man has been sentenced to four years in prison in the alcohol-poisoning death of an 18-year-old woman at a party in southwest Missouri.

The parents of Jessica Murphy asked for the maximum sentence for Brandon Himes during a sentencing hearing Friday in Lawrence County.

The former Monett man pleaded guilty in March to a reduced charge of second-degree involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor supplying liquor to an underage drinker.

Witnesses said Himes poured about "half a fifth" each of vodka and tequila and a quantity of beer through a funnel and hose device known as a "beer bong" into Murphy's throat in 2007. A fifth is a liquor bottle that contains one-fifth of a gallon, or about 26 ounces.

Murphy was found dead the next day at the Monett home.