Kansas National Guard soldier tells Oprah his recovery story

TOPEKA | A Kansas National Guard soldier is appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show, telling a tear-jerking story of recovery from deep scars of war and the dog always by his side.

Sgt. Allen Hill of Ottawa will has a service dog named "Frankie" with him when the show is aired Friday. Hill uses the yellow Labrador retriever as a recovery companion in his battle against post traumatic stress syndrome.

He said Winfrey was reduced to tears during his appearance.

In 2007 a homemade bomb in Iraq left Hill with a severe brain injury. He was serving with the 731st Transportation Company.

The dog was trained by Puppies Behind Bars, a group that trains inmates to raise puppies to become service dogs for the disabled. Hill was asked to represent the organization after he visited the inmate who trained the dog at a prison in New York.