Kansas high court hears arguments over Kline's subpoenas

TOPEKA | The legal fight over prosecuting Planned Parenthood continued today with arguments before the Kansas Supreme Court.

At issue is whether subpoenas from former Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline were improperly quashed by a district judge. Kline filed charges against Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri alleging that its Overland Park clinic performed illegal abortions and then falsified records handed over to prosecutors.

Kline subpoenaed four people for records, including those from the state health agency to make his case, but those records – which do not contain identifying information - are carefully protected by state law.

After a district court judge quashed the subpoenas, Kline appealed. He has since left office. His successor, District Attorney Steve Howe, said the case against Planned Parenthood is on hold until the Supreme Court rules on the subpoenas.