Big 12 to keep three-way football tiebreaker

The lesson of the story, don't end up in three-way tie.

Big 12 football coaches rejected a proposal to change the tiebreaker rule that gave Oklahoma the edge over Texas and Texas Tech in last year's South Division race.

The Sooners represented the division in the Big 12 championship game because they had won the tiebreaker -- best position in the BCS standing. Oklahoma went on to beat Missouri in the championship game and lose to Florida in the BCS championship game. Oklahoma edged the Longhorns by 13 thousandths of a point in the BCS standing.

Texas had defeated the Sooners during the regular season, but the division resulted in a three-way deadlock when Texas Tech beat the Longhorns and Oklahoma defeated the Red Raiders. All teams finished 7-1.

Coaches considered adopting a three-team tiebreaker that would eliminate the lowest-ranked team in the BCS standings, then go to the head-to-head result of the remaining two teams. If that had been in place last year, Texas would have played for the Big 12 title because Texas Tech was behind both in the BCS standing.

"The tiebreaker system we had was felt, by the majority of coaches, to be appropriate to what we want to accomplish," commissioner Dan Beebe said. "There's risks in either one. We had one risk last year."