Doles to talk about public service in KU lecture

LAWRENCE | Bob and Elizabeth Dole say they'll talk about the importance of young people becoming involved in public service this weekend.

The 2009 Dole Lecture featuring the two former Republican senators is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. Sunday at the Lied Center at the University of Kansas.

Bob Dole tells the Lawrence Journal-World that a key element of the couple's success is having a keen interest in the other's activities. Elizabeth Dole said that they try to spend their Sundays together, for church and visiting family and friends.

Bob Dole jokingly talked about the decision by another famous senator from Russell, Kan. to switch from Republican to Democrat. Dole said he sent an e-mail to Arlen Specter saying he intends to take Specter's name off the sign along I-70 and replace it with pictures of the people running against him.