Dozens of dogs taken from alleged puppy mill in mid-Missouri

The Humane Society of Missouri and the Phelps County Sheriff’s Department have removed 68 dogs and puppies that they say were living in filthy conditions at an unlicensed mid-Missouri breeding facility. Some of the dogs are pregnant.

The owner’s name was not released. The dogs were removed Tuesday and taken to the Humane Society facility in St. Louis.

Humane Society officials say the dogs are a variety of breeds. Officials say they were cramped in inadequate cages. Some had paw and leg problems that appeared to be caused by wire flooring. Many appeared to need veterinary care.

A disposition hearing on May 7 will determine the dogs’ fate.

Phelps County Sheriff Rick Lisenbe says the dogs were in rabbit hutches and a garage. He says the breeder was reported by a deputy.