Home wine shipments legalized in Kansas

Alright all you Sunflower State wine snobs: this legislation is for you. Hopefully you'll enjoy the big bouquet, and its notes of dusty paper and ink, and the lingering finish, with just a hint of cloying bureaucracy.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed into law legislation allowing Kansans of drinking age to order up to 12 cases of wine a year to be shipped directly to their homes.

Many states allow the practice, which has led to the popularity of online wine shipments and wine-of-the-month clubs. But Kansas was - until this year - leery of uncorking a law that some lawmakers feared could lead to underage alcohol consumption.

That led to a curious law a few years ago that allowed consumers to order out-of-state wine and have it shipped directly to... their liquor store.

This year, several lawmakers argued that few 18-year-olds would order expensive California wines and risk having their parents intercept the shipment.

The bill signed today by Sebelius also allows wine producers to sell their vintages at farmer's markets, so long as the market has been approved by the state's alcohol control officials.

The new law also allows restaurants to store unfinished bottles of wine for customers.