Tiger seized in southwest Missouri kennel raid a 'sweetie'

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. | A Bengal tiger seized during a raid on a southwest Missouri kennel seems to be faring better in her new digs at the Dickerson Park Zoo in Springfield.

The tiger -- named Sheena -- has been cleaned up and is gaining weight. On Monday morning, she appeared quite content as she pawed through cereal boxes containing meatballs.

Zoo veterinarian Erica Wilson said "She's doing very well. She's a sweetie."

Last week, authorities removed Sheena from J.B.'s Precious Puppies in Seneca along with 208 dogs and a house cat after reports of unsanitary conditions and neglect. Operator Margaret Bond faces two charges of misdemeanor animal abuse, one of which stems from her alleged neglect of the tiger.

Bond has denied the allegations.

Authorities on Wednesday plan to transport the tiger to the National Tiger Sanctuary near Bloomsdale, Mo.