Family of Kansas murder victim caught in hostage drama

HUTCHINSON, Kan. | Just hours after a sentencing hearing for the man who abused and killed his daughter, a Hutchinson man was among those held hostage at a lawyer's office.

On Thursday morning, Rod Martin was in Reno County Court when 30-year-old Stephen W. Jones Sr. was sentenced to life in prison for killing Martin's daughter, Sabrina Jones. Prosecutors said Sabrina Jones endured years of abuse from her husband before she died.

Immediately after the hearing, Martin, his stepdaughter and son-in-law were at a Hutchinson law firm counseling another woman who was trying to leave her estranged husband. The husband burst into the office brandishing a handgun.

All the hostages escaped unharmed. The man, 31-year-old Nathan Cunningham, was charged Friday with numerous counts, including kidnapping.