Nixon outlines three-pronged plan for federal dollars

JEFFERSON CITY | Gov. Jay Nixon this afternoon outlined what he described as a three-pronged plan to transform federal dollars into economic stimulus for Missouri.

The federal funds will finance a wide range of projects in the state as well as potentially propping up the state budget against rising unemployment and shrinking revenues.

Nixon identified three areas in which he wants to see the money invested:

  • Developing human capital;
  • Improving transportation and information infrastructure; and
  • Attracting new high-tech jobs
  • Under human capital, Nixon pointed to new investments in elementary, secondary and higher education as well as job training and retraining.

    Improving infrastructure, he said, meant not only rebuilding highways but also extending high-speed internet into rural Missouri and improving mass transportation options.

    Attracting high-tech jobs would come about if the state uses the federal dollars to invest in bringing life-science, alternative energy and manufacturing jobs to the state, Nixon said.

    The appearance was short on specifics. Nixon promised that the state would be first in line in applying for federal funds, but gave little indication of what specific projects could be done or businesses could be lured.

    "Over the coming weeks and months, we will announce a series of projects to upgrade our infrastructure, invest in science and technology and expand our research and development of alternative sources of energy," Nixon said. "Each of these projects will lead quickly and directly to new jobs here in Missouri, but they’ll also transform our economy to grow and thrive in the years to come."