Kansas mayor who shot, killed dogs gets standing ovation

McCUNE, Kan. | Dozens of residents give a standing ovation to the mayor of a Kansas town who shot and killed two dogs he believed were vicious.

More than 70 people showed up for the McCune City Council meeting Monday night, many of them to show support for Mayor Don Call. He's facing two felony counts of animal cruelty and one misdemeanor count of criminal discharge of a weapon.

Resident Shirley Showalter said "we all should be proud we have a mayor like Don Call that will take care of us and protect our kids."

Police and the mayor himself say he shot the dogs Feb. 1. Call said a neighbor complained that the dogs chased his children.

Crawford County Sheriff Sandy Horton said deputies have received at least four such complaints since July 2008, but none directly from an actual victim of the dogs' alleged aggressive behavior.