Tonganoxie 6th-grader faces felony in bomb case

A 12-year-old northeast Kansas boy accused of taking an explosive device to school faces felony and misdemeanor charges.

The Tonganoxie sixth-grader made his first appearance Monday in Leavenworth County District Court to face a felony charge of unlawful possession of explosives in an occupied building, a felony. He's also charged with carrying and concealing an explosive, a misdemeanor.

The middle school student was taken into custody Thursday after school officials confiscated a homemade device that the town's mayor said could have injured or killed had it detonated. The cardboard device had a fuse and was packed with BBs and the powder of two M-80s.

A bomb squad safely detonated the device at a nearby quarry.

The student is serving a 10-day suspension, during which an expulsion hearing will take place.