Missouri Lottery draws winners in $1 million raffle

And the winning number is: 0700058613

Whoever has that lucky ticket with those 10 digits in that order is around $710,000 richer today _ after taxes of course.

The number was selected by a computer shortly after 1:30 p.m. today in a much-anticipated drawing for the Missouri Lottery’s Million-Dollar Raffle game.

Lottery officials planned to post all winning numbers by 3:30 p.m., but the complexity of the task – verifying a total of 445 winning numbers – delayed the online announcement until around 3:50 p.m.

The odds of winning the top prize were 1-in-171,803. That’s how many tickets were sold in the statewide game that did not sell out.

Lottery officials had hoped to sell all 300,000 tickets at $10 each. Game rules permitted the sales deadline to be extended, but Lottery officials opted to hold the drawing as first announced. The game was a financial break-even effort for the Lottery after sales hit 162,000.

Tuesday’s drawing also selected four $100,000 winners and 440 winners for $500 cash prizes.Winning numbers for the $100,000 prizes: 0700116827; 0700158388; 0700167864; 0700169464

All winning numbers are now posted at the lottery’s Web site at, or tickets can be checked at bar-code scanners available at most Missouri Lottery retail locations.

While the game didn’t sell out, those players who did buy tickets were attracted by the game’s unusually low odds _ especially for those 440 $500 consolation prizes.

Had the game been a sell out, odds of winning $500 were 1-in-682. Since only sold-ticket nubmers were placed in the drawing pool, odds of winning $500 at the time of the drawing were slightly more than half that.