Lung group's smoking report card flunks Kansas

WICHITA | The American Lung Association flunks Kansas in its annual report card on smoking in three out of four categories. And the fourth was just a notch above an “F.” The group gave Kansas “F” grades for money spent on educating current smokers; for the amount of smoke-fee air in the state; for a lack of state programs to help people quit smoking. Kansas won a “D” for the 79-cent tax on each pack of cigarettes. The ALA thinks it should be more.

The report says tobacco use kills 3,900 Kansans a year, and almost 18 percent of Kansas adults smoke. The group also says smoke-related health problems cost Kansas $1.75 million annually.

The association says Kansas spends just over $2 million per year on tobacco control and prevention, while the Centers for Disease Control recommends spending $32 million.