Police say Nazi tattoos gave away Kansas puppy thief

DODGE CITY, Kan. | Police say a suspect's unique tattoos helped solve a dognapping crime in Dodge City.

Steven Somerville pleaded no contest to misdemeanor theft Thursday for stealing an English mastiff puppy from a backyard in May. Police thought they knew the suspect when witnesses described his tattoos: a swastika on his hand and Adolf Hitler's face on his calf.

Somerville visited a woman selling the mastiffs for $800 each but left without buying one. Later that night, the dog owner's neighbor saw Somerville running through her yard with a puppy to a waiting car. The neighbor told the owner, who called police.

Somerville sold the puppy for $200, but denied it when questioned by police. When he was pulled over in the same car and found to have methamphetamine, he admitted the dog theft.

He'll be sentenced on all the charges at a later date.