St. Louis police spend thousands on gold-filled badges

ST. LOUIS | St. Louis' new police chief and other top officers in the department are receiving gold-filled badges worth nearly $2,000 each.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that that's about 100 times the price of a patrolman's badge. And it's more than other departments spend. For example, Kansas City Police Chief James Corwin's badge cost $48.75.

But it's a lot less than the $5,900 each the city spent on two solid-gold badges for Chief Daniel Isom's predecessor, Joe Mokwa.

The latest badges were a nearly $10,000 line item in a unanimous vote Wednesday by the Board of Police Commissioners to approve December purchases.

The vote came just hours before the department admitted that it had wrongly kept up to $6 million seized in the arrest of suspects.