Self begins talks with AD about his future at Kansas

LAWRENCE | Kansas coach Bill Self and KU athletic director Lew Perkins met for 15 minutes early Wednesday afternoon to discuss Self's future and the program's future.

Self told The Star that the conversation wasn’t serious and that the two would meet again, likely Thursday, to discuss matters in more detail.

“People may misread this,” Self said, “but I just want to make sure that we have the opportunity to continue to compete at the highest level. You do that with facilities, you do that with how you recruit, you do that with multiple things. There are definitely some areas that could be improved – in large part, facilities.”

Self said that a new practice facility would be important in negotiations, as well as finishing up renovations to the exterior of Allen Fieldhouse. He continued to stress that security was the most important thing for him.

“Security is obviously important for anybody in this crazy profession,” Self said. “It’s a nutty profession. If we lose to Davidson, I don’t think there’d be too many Kansas fans concerned whether Self was back. I understand that. We want to definitely, you know, do what we think can provide that.

“It’s not what many people believe it to be. I just want to win. We’ve tasted success. I just want to make sure we have the opportunities to continue tasting it.”