Funkhouser wants to go to Denver as a superdelegate

Kansas City Council members involved in Democratic Party politics and other party leaders are buzzing about Mayor Mark Funkhouser's interest in being a super delegate to the Democratic National Convention.

Mortgage banker Jim Nutter Jr. is supporting Funkhouser's efforts but he acknowledged that he has heard complaints from two council members who felt Funkhouser didn't deserve the honor.

The complaints against Funkhouser's efforts are that he hasn't paid his dues to the party and angered minorities by sticking with a Minuteman Civil Defense Corp. member on the park board and wanting to dump the African-American city manager.

Funkhouser said he understands some believe he has not paid his dues in the party, but as an appointed city auditor he felt it was inappropriate to be involved in politics even though he is a "liberal Democrat." He said now that he can be involved in politics that he wants to use every tool at his disposal to elevate Kansas City on the national stage.