Royals camp update: Selig's decision on Mitchell Report could affect Guillen

SURPRISE, Ariz. _ The best chance for outfielder Jose Guillen to get a reduction in his 15-day suspension would be for commissioner Bud Selig to opt not to suspend any of the 89 players cited in the Mitchell Report.

Well, is reporting Selig is leaning toward doing just that.

Guillen’s suspension, for violations in the sport’s drug policy, was announced just one week before the Mitchell Report was released. His appeal is scheduled for later this month.

Guillen has always denied use of banned substances, but the story suggests his suspension was the result of a second violation. It said the violation occurred in 2004; the policy in place at that time called for a 15-day suspension for a second violation.

Shaping the roster Manager Trey Hillman said it’s too early to tell whether the Royals will break camp with 11 pitchers instead of the usual 12. The club will be limited to 24 roster spots while catcher Miguel Olivo serves a five-game suspension for his role in an on-field brawl last September while playing for the Marlins against the Mets. The Royals won’t require a fifth starting pitcher, because of open dates, until their 11th game of the season, which falls on April 12.

Nomo-mania Veteran pitcher Hideo Nomo sought to minimize to intense media attention in Japan surrounding his comeback effort by suggesting the cluster of reporters following his every move were already booked for spring training. “We have Ichiro (Suzuki) right here, who is also a Japanese player,” Nomo said after his two-inning appearance Friday against the Padres in Peoria, Ariz. “I don’t think all of this media is for me.” Suzuki’s Mariners share the Peoria complex with the Padres.

Injury updates Outfielder Justin Huber was scratched from Saturday’s lineup against the Rangers after coming down with the flu virus sweeping the clubhouse. First baseman Ryan Shealy missed a third straight day because of the virus.

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