Park board member Frances Semler resigns

Frances Semler, the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners member whose membership in the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps caused a political controversy for Mayor Mark Funkhouser, has resigned.

Semler sent a fax to several media outlets, including The Star's Opinion section, late Monday evening saying that she’d had enough.

Funkhouser in June appointed Semler, a neighborhood association president, to be the sole Northland representative on the five-member park board.

The appointment triggered sharp protests from several minority organizations, including the National Council of La Raza, In October, of La Raza voted to pull its convention from Kansas City, at a projected loss of $5 million, because of Semler’s connection to the Minutema, an anti-immigration group.

On Jan. 15, the leader if the Southern Christian Leadership Conference said that the SCLC had decided to move its convention from Kansas City to New Orleans and would call for a boycott of Kansas City if Semler was not removed from the park board.

Semler earlier offered to resign earlier, but Funkhouser said no. Funkhouser's continued support of