Truman High grad makes 'America's Got Talent' Top 10

UPDATE: Local country singer Jason Pritchett made it into the Top 10 Tuesday night on “America’s Got Talent.” Viewer votes will determine if he survives the next cut to eight. (Voting has already closed.)

Pritchett spent several years performing in Branson. Another Branson act, the Duttons, also made the top 10.

The next new show will air at 7 p.m. Tuesday on NBC.

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We’re talking about Jason Pritchett, a 1999 Truman High School grad who’s one of 20 acts in the running to win $1 million on “America’s Got Talent.” The top 10 will be announced Tuesday (7 p.m. on NBC).

Pritchett, 26, is a singer on the Spirit, a cruise ship sailing in Alaska. For six years before that, he performed in several Branson shows. On “America’s Got Talent,” he’s been doing country tunes.

“My biggest dream is to be a recording artist in Nashville and get a chance to play on the Grand Ole Opry,” Pritchett said Monday from Los Angeles.

So far the judge who’s been nicest to him has been Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy’s better half. And David Hasselhoff “has been really courteous and kind to me as well.”

But Piers Morgan, the often-cranky British judge, is another story.

“I don’t know if he doesn’t like country music or what, but since (the show) started I’ve been pegged as a cruise ship singer,” Pritchett says. “He can’t get past that. ... Hopefully one of these days he’ll change his mind.”

By the way, Pritchett met his girlfriend, Stephanie Bell, in a Branson show. She’s the other singer on his ship. They perform with an eight-piece band and 16 dancers.

Both Pritchett and Bell tried out in Branson (although the show says Chicago), but only Pritchett got a call.

If he makes the top 10 Tuesday night, he’ll need viewer votes to help him advance even further. The phone lines will be open for two hours afterward.

To see Pritchett’s previous performances on “America’s Got Talent,” go to and search for “Jason Pritchett.”

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