Probe clears Ozark officers in Taser incident

OZARK, Mo. | Several Ozark police officers have been cleared in the July 18 Tasering of a teenager after he allegedly jumped from a highway overpass.

A report released Tuesday said witnesses told Highway Patrol investigators that Mace Hutchinson had been at a party where alcohol and drugs were being consumed prior to the incident.

A friend of Hutchinson's told troopers that Hutchinson had consumed LSD, a hallucinogen. The report said that Hutchinson suffered a bad reaction to the drug and jumped from a moving vehicle near the overpass at U.S. 65 in Christian County.

He fled, but later returned and jumped from the overpass onto the highway.

The report says two Ozark officers Tasered Hutchinson nine times each after the youth failed their order to stay down and place his hands behind his back.