Closing arguments given in 'Precious Doe' trial

KANSAS CITY | Closing arguments are given in the first-degree murder trial of a man accused of killing a little girl known for years only as Precious Doe.

Jackson County prosecutors told jurors that 29-year-old Harrell Johnson caused the death of Erica Green in 2001 when he kicked the 3-year-old in the head and waited for hours without getting medical help while the child died.

Defense attorneys argued that Johnson didn't know the girl would die. They said prosecutors haven't proven that Johnson is guilty of deliberately intending her death.

Erica's headless body and head were found in a wooded area of Kansas City in April 2001. She was known only as “Precious Doe” for four years. Police arrested Harrell Johnson and his wife, Michelle, in Oklahoma following a tip from a family member.