A letter from Ernie Davis

A letter dated Aug. 9, 1962, from Ernie Davis to Helen Gray, then Helen Gott:

Dear Helen,

How’s everything with you? I hope and I pray that all is swell. As for me, I am feeling fine. I’m sitting here in my room with nothing to do, so I decided to write you and find out what’s happening. (smile) As you know, I am here at Marymount Hospital recovering from my illness. I hope all that publicity that I received didn’t scare you. The way they put it, it seems that I was about to die. (smile) I have yet to feel real sick, “Thank God,” but I have a blood dis-order. That is, my red & white blood cells are not being manufactured 100%. This dis-order is something like mononucleosis. While I won’t be able to start this season off with the Browns, I am hoping and praying that I can re-join them before this season is over. I am anxious to get started. (smile) I really don’t have to be here at this hospital, but I am here so that the Doctors can keep a careful eye on me, so that I can have a speedy recovery. I am taking all kinds of little pills. Here at the hospital, I am an out-patient wit the liberty of going and coming as I please, so long as I take my medicine and be back at bed time. I have my car here and I usually go to watch the Browns practice or go to my apartment and lounge around. So, I can’t complain too much, even though I am a little bored. (smile) Now concerning you. What have you been doing? I take it that you are just taking life easy, writing poetry, catching up on your reading during the day and partying during the nite, as well as seeing the sites of New York. You have it made. (smile)

I guess I have rambled on long enough now, so I’ll close for now wishing you the best. Write soon,