At least one Kansas casino will be smoke-free

At least one of Kansas' three casinos will be smokeless.

The Dodge City council Monday approved a city ordinance outlawing smoking in all indoor public places. A short list of exceptions, including private clubs, did not include casinos.

Smoking bans have been the bane of gambling establishments coast to coast in recent years with revenues plummeting by double-digits as smokers stay away or flee to smoker-friendly competitors.

Dodge City offers a curious experiment in the social policy, however, because it is somewhat isolated in southwestern Kansas with no nearby alternatives for gamblers that smoke.

One state casino consultants estimated a Dodge City casino could rake in around $41 million a year. If the national trends hold you can probably cut that bottom line estimate AND the governments' tax cut anywhere from $4 million to $10 million a year.

Kansas City Star gaming writer and Lucky Numbers blogger Rick Alm is in Topeka this week for the decision by the Kansas Lottery Gaming Facilities Review Board to select a casino operator in Wyandotte County and will be blogging live from the two-day meeting.

Check Lucky Numbers regularly Thursday and Friday for the latest developments leading up to the final decision.