More public art for Bartle Hall

There’s more art on the way for Bartle Hall, joining the R.M. Fisher “Sky Stations” atop the pylons and Omaha artist Jun Kaneko’s “Water Plaza” on the south side of the ballroom.

The newest project, an animated mesh “tapestry” designed by New York artist Suikang Zhao, is part of Crawford Architects’ improvements to the convention center’s north dock.

The Kansas City firm was charged with providing better access for loading and unloading and also with screening the dock from view.

It came up with a U-shaped open space design, featuring three 55-foot-high walls along Central Street, !2th Street, and Broadway, that caps the north end of Bartle.

The architects designed the steel superstructure for the walls; Suikang has designed a fabric-like tapestry of aluminum mesh that will be mounted on the exterior.

Stretching across all three walls, the mesh will create an effect of billowing drapery, rising and falling in a wave pattern that echoes the triangle motif of the convention center’s exterior.

A. Zahner Co., of Kansas City, fabricated the tapestry in a series of panels, which will be installed beginning Thursday, July 17.

The $50,000 artwork was commissioned under Kansas City’s one-percent for art program, which sets aside for art one-percent of the public costs of civic building construction. It brings the total Bartle Hall art budget to $2.3 million for projects spanning a decade and a half.