James Dobson endorses Phill Kline

District Attorney Phill Kline has been endorsed by James C. Dobson, a leader among religious conservatives and founder of the radio program Focus on the Family.

Dobson points out that Kline is the only prosecutor since the Roe vs. Wade abortion decision to bring a criminal case against Planned Parenthood.

“Throughout his career he has never failed to act to protect the most vulnerable and innocent among us,” Dobson wrote in a campaign letter mailed to voters over the weekend.

Kline also got a big endorsement from people attending Olathe Republican Party Annual Picnic and Straw Poll.

These right-thinking Republicans voted overwhelmingly for Kline over his GOP primary opponent, Steve Howe. The vote was 82 for Kline and 37 for Howe.

During the event, Howe stressed the important of party unity and said he was the unity candidate.

But when Kline spoke, he got a standing ovation for his rejection of the unity theme.

According to those who attended the event, Kline said he "refused to unite" with those who look the other way in the face of evidence that laws were being broken.

He was referring, albeit obliquely, to his case against Planned Parenthood.

Kline called for Republicans to “unite with the truth.”

From the Howe camp:

Not to be outdone, Howe’s campaign announced more endorsements of its own in addition to two previously-announced, high-profile endorsements_ U.S. senators Sam Brownback and Pat Roberts.

Continuing Howe's unity theme, the new names included both conservative and moderate Republicans:

Lenexa Mayor Mike Boehm, Roeland Park Mayor Steve Petrehn, DeSoto Mayor David Anderson, Olathe School Board member Jim Churchman, Shawnee city council members Dawn Kuhn and Neal Sawyer, as well as former 3rd District GOP chairman Shane Jones and former U.S. Rep. Vince Snowbarger.