I-29/35 off-ramps to close today

If there’s any chance you think the road work on I-29/35 over the Missouri River hasn’t been bad so far, just wait.

After this morning’s rush hour it’s going to get a lot worse.

Starting this morning, highway crews will close part of the interchange at Armour Road/Missouri 210 for the next year.

What’s closing: Southbound off-ramp from Interstate 29/35 to westbound Armour Road and the ramp from westbound Armour to southbound I-29/35.

How long: Off-ramp is closing for a year. The on-ramp will be closed until late 2009.

What to do:

If you want to get to westbound Armour Road from the interstate then you should exit at eastbound Armour Road. Temporary lanes are built to allow left turns west onto Armour at the bottom of exit ramp.

If you want to get to southbound I-29/35 from westbound Armour then use same ramp that drivers heading east on Armour use. There will be a signal allowing drivers to make a left onto the intertstate ramp.

The state highway department expects this closure to lead to serious backups onto the interstate as cars exit onto Armour Road from southbound I-29/35. About 85,000 vehicles a day use the interstate near this location. The highway department urges drivers to avoid this area if it’s at all possible.

Drivers can still get to the Armour Road/210 interchange by exiting the interstate before I-29 and I-35 join together in the Northland.

From I-29, you can get to Armour Road by exiting south on U.S. 169 or at North Oak Trafficway. Both routes take you to Burlington and eventually to Armour Road. From I-35, you can exit at either Choteau Trafficway or at Antioch/Prather Road and head south.