One dead, several injured in KCK carbon monoxide accident

Kansas City, Kansas fire officials said today that one male died and five people were injured in a carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident was reported at 5:30 a.m. today at 3178 Cleveland Ave.

Battalion Chief Kevin Shirley said Thursday’s storm had knocked out power in the block. So the residents at that home hooked up a generator in the basement and left it running.

“You should never bring anything running like that inside the home," Shirley said. "If it’s not ventilated, carbon monoxide will build up, resulting in death or injury.” he said.

Shirley said 12 people were inside the home; five were transported to a hospital. Of the five injured, one has life-threatening injuries.

Shirley said a carbon monoxide level of 400 parts per million can cause severe injury or death.

“The level was 360 parts per million, but that’s after the firefighters went inside and opened it up," Shirley said. "Your susceptibility is dependent on your health, age.”

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