Test Your Brainwaves With The 4th Annual Detroit Free Press Travel Quiz

Hey, savvy traveler. How well have you been paying attention to the news? And how's your geography knowledge holding up? Get a sharp pencil and test yourself on a dozen questions in the fourth annual Free Press travel quiz. For every right answer, give yourself 10 points. For every wrong answer, give yourself zero.

The scoring is the same as last year:

0-30: Um, do you have any idea where you are right now?

40-80: Considering that 43 percent of Americans ages 18-24 cannot locate Ohio on a map, you're not doing too badly. 90-120: You rock. A-plus.

1. The island of Vieques is owned by the United States. Where is it? A. Between Puerto Rico and St. Thomas B. Between the Marshall Islands and Hawaii C. Between the Falkland Islands and the coast of Brazil

2. A new bridge opened at the Hoover Dam this year, spanning the Colorado River. What's its name?

A. Imperioli-Hill Bridge

B. Mike O'Callaghan- Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge

C. Hoover-Hill Bridge

3. Southwest Airlines recently announced it was buying a competitor. Which airline is it buying? A. Jet Blue B. Spirit C. Air Tran 4. Where is Beaver Island, Mich.? A. Lake Michigan B. Lake Huron C. Lake Superior

5. Detroit Metro Airport was fighting an unusual problem in its McNamara terminal earlier this year. What was it? A. Sparrows and starlings in the rafters B. Unauthorized panhandling at the gates C. A jet bridge that accidentally crashed through a door at Gate 5-7 6. Where and what is The Gambia? A. The capital of Tanzania B. An 18th-Century mosque in Morocco C. A country near Senegal 7. Which is the newest Cunard ship? A. Queen Mary 2 B. Queen Victoria C. Queen Elizabeth

8. In June, Universal Orlando opened a new attraction, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What is its biggest highlight?

A. Real owls

B. The Muggles' Revenge ride

C. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride

9. The controversial body scanners at airport security use what kind of technology to scan passengers for hidden weapons?

A. Ultrasound

B. X-rays

C. Technetium-99m

10. The Caribbean island of Dominica (Domin-EEK-a), not to be confused with the Dominican Republic, is trying to break into what tourism niche?

A. Gambling tourism

B. Eco-tourism

C. Medical tourism

11. In August, Steven Slater, a Jet Blue flight attendant, flipped out during a flight, yelled at the passengers, grabbed two beers and slid down the plane's emergency chute. What happened after that?

A. He became an overnight folk hero, after which Jet Blue gave him his job back.

B. He became an overnight folk hero but lost his job, got probation in court and has to pay $10,000 to Jet Blue for the deployed chute.

C. He became an overnight folk hero and got a job with American Airlines as a motivational speaker to flight attendants.

12. What is the maximum weight for a first checked bag on most U.S. airlines without paying a penalty? A. 50 pounds B. 44 pounds C. 25 pounds——— QUIZ ANSWERS

1. A. Vieques is part of Puerto Rico and is rising in reputation as a beautiful vacation spot, with luxury hotels like the W Retreat and Spa.

2. B. Mike O'Callaghan was a Nevada governor, and Pat Tillman was an NFL player who joined the Army and was killed in Afghanistan. (If you answered A, you've been watching too much "Detroit 1-8-7." Those are the stars' last names.)

3. C. Air Tran. Once the Southwest deal closes, the Atlanta-based Air Tran name disappears.

4. A. Beaver Island is in Lake Michigan, about 30 miles northwest of Charlevoix.

5. A. Birds. Authorities don't know how they got in, but the varmints nested in the rafters and flew through the terminal, sitting in the fake trees. The airport had to play hawk calls to scare them off.

6. C. The Gambia is a small nation southeast of Senegal in West Africa.

7. C. Queen Elizabeth. Another namesake ship, the Queen Elizabeth 2, retired in 2008. The QE2 replaced an even earlier ship, the Queen Elizabeth. Which means that this new ship probably should have been called QE3, but it wasn't. Those funny Brits.

8. C. Visitors say that Forbidden Journey is the scariest and coolest ride at the exhibit. Sorry, there are no real owls or Muggles' Revenge.

9. B. X-rays. The ultra-low dose concerns some, but it's 150 times less than the radiation you are exposed to when you simply fly in a plane at 30,000 feet. If you're a smarty pants who guessed Technetium-99m, that's a radioactive tracer used in nuclear medicine tests.

10. B. Eco-tourism. Dominica, a tiny island near Martinique in the southern Caribbean, has few tourists but lots of forests, coral reefs, dive sites and Carib Indians. It's appealing to eco-tourists looking for the next hot destination.

11. B. Slater may be a folk hero, but he was charged with criminal mischief, is on probation, has to pay back Jet Blue and has to undergo a year of counseling, too.

12. A. 50 pounds. If it's overweight, it costs $50-$100 extra. That's on top of the regular checked bag fee of $15-$25.