Travel Gear: It's A Snickey, Not A Scarf

Name: Snickey

What it is: A scarf that isn't quite a scarf. Essentially a 2-foot-long, 6-inch-wide strip of fleece, the Snickey wraps around the neck and is fastened with Velcro. Christine Matthews, of S tony Brook, N.Y., invented the Snickey as a means to keep her children's necks warm without the possible choking hazard of a scarf.

How it works: Like a scarf — or neck brace — wrap the Snickey around your neck in cold weather. Fasten Velcro on the back of your neck.

The good: Soft and comfortable, the Snickey comes in a variety of colors and sizes and stands up to cold weather and wind. The Velcro strips allow a range of flexibility when fastening and adjusting. The Snickey remains comfortable even after an extended period.

The bad: It looks like a neck brace (if buried beneath layers, but no one would notice). Though the Snickey can be pulled over the chin, it offers no chest warmth.

Cost: $17, or $22 with embroidered name.

Available from: and select retailers in New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts.