Some Cool Travel Web Sites

What: Daily travel deals offered through the U.S. Travel and Tourism Association (Discover America).

Why: Trying to drum up more business for American tourism, the Web site is being marketed around the world. It features really good "buy now" offers open to anyone (example: two night's stay at Harrah's in Las Vegas for two, plus limo service — for $225) and travel deals you can bid for. (The catch: Auctions accept American Express cards only.)

How: Go to the site; see today's offers and previews of upcoming offers. You can bid online and sign up for an e-mail newsletter.—calculator/

What: Calculates the total mileage you flew or will fly on a trip or series of trips

Why: Frequent fliers like to use the calculator to see how many miles they can accumulate, especially if they get a 50 percent or 100 percent bonus with elite status. Regular folks just like to see how far they've flown.

How: Type in your origin and destination airport. You also can add on other airports if the trip is multi-destination to get total miles flown. You also can calculate how many frequent flier miles you'll get, based on the program or promotion.

What: A honeymoon registry where wedding guests can contribute to a couple's travel and honeymoon experiences.

Why: Instead of giving a breadbox, you can buy a hike in the rainforest, a helicopter tour or a SNUBA dive for the honeymooning couple. If you are the couple, it's fun to ask for experiences instead of stuff.

How: Couples register for what they want, then alert their guests to visit the registry for gift choices.

What: Book a trip that actually is a competition, pitting your team against 16 others as you spend nine days in Europe.

Why: If you're not the tour group type, join a trip that is more like "The Amazing Race" that takes you to mystery spots.

How: Peruse trips online and sign up. Get details of the trip and pricing online.

What: Travel booking giant Expedia's new app for the iPhone, Expedia TripAssist. Orbitz, Kayak and Travelocity have iPhone apps already.

Why: Book and manage travel from your phone. Related text message and e-mail updates are free.

How: Download to your phone following the prompts. It's free.