The Resourceful Traveler: Reviews Of New Travel Books

"Walnut Wine & Truffle Groves: Culinary Adventures in the Dordogne" Running Press, $29.95

Some places get all the publicity, and others, like the Dordogne region of France, are relatively unknown. This handsome book tries to introduce readers to one of France's best culinary destinations, a bucolic province about100 miles east of Bordeaux. Author Kimberley Lovato describes Dordogne as "undiscovered territory," a place where one can easily — and joyfully — get lost. Lovato visits local farms, markets and wineries, offering a culinary portrait of a region and its people. What's more, she includes many wonderful recipes, such as roasted eggplant and the aperitif vin de noix (walnut wine), a sweet dark wine made from green walnuts. Gorgeous color photographs too.