Travel Gear: A Cash Hideaway

Name: True Utility CashStash

What it is: A tiny capsule made of aircraft-grade aluminum and capable of holding one bill of pretty much any currency. It also has a rubber O-ring to keep water out.

How it works: Fold a bill lengthwise, screw off the cap, pull out the metal clip and clip the bill in the middle. Then roll the cash into micro-size and insert into the capsule.

The good: This is one of those simple travel goodies that are incredibly handy. For the beach, when you don't want to rely on the old money-hidden-in-the-shoe trick, this is terrific. Just clip it to your swimsuit. I ran it through the wash with a buck in it just to make sure it kept the money dry. It did. Beyond that, there have been some awful times where I was caught cashless. (Friends would say this happens more often than is normal.) Keep this hanging from your rear-view mirror or clipped in your carry-on or to your keys. No one will suspect that it contains cash, but it will always be there as an emergency fund. This would be a natural for forgetful college kids. One friend said she'll keep pills inside when she goes kayaking.

The bad: Learning to fold a bill small enough to roll around the clip may take some practice, but it's amazing how small a bill can get. Cost: $5.99 Available from: