Travel Stix Pack Info

Name: Travel Stix

What it is: A credit card-size flash drive that comes with a set of travel authorization forms and other documents for travelers, children and pets. The flash drive fits into a computer's USB port, and the documents are printed, filled out by hand, scanned back onto the Travel Stix and saved. Important information or authorizations are then readily available in one easy-to-access place, providing peace of mind for anyone traveling alone or with their kids or pets — or whose kids or pets are traveling with someone else.

The good: The catalog of Travel Stix flash drives covers all the bases. There are drives for grandparents, for a child traveling with a relative or family friend, for a child traveling alone (separate ones for travel in the U.S. and overseas), for campers, for business travelers, for college students, etc. There's one for dog care and travel and another for cats. Also nice: With 2 GB of memory, you can add additional documents, such as birth certificates, photos or immunization records. For the kids, not the pets.

The bad: It would be nice if the forms could be filled out without having to be printed out and then scanned back onto the drive. If you don't have a scanner, you'll have to find one. And travelers would need a computer to access the information (though these days that seems to be a minor concern).

Cost: $24.95

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