Travel Gear: Stick-On Lenses Turn Shades Into Sight

Name: Seemores stick-on reading lenses

What they are: The half-circle plastic lenses, a bit bigger than half a quarter, attach to sunglasses to provide the function of reading glasses.

How they work: The instructions say to put a few drops of water on the sunglass lens where you want to place the reading lens. I had more success with several drops of water. I carefully pressed the reading lenses to the inside surface of each sunglass lens, then shook off the excess water. I let them dry and gently wiped away any splotches. It took a few tries to get the reading lenses to properly stick. I also ran the lenses under hot water to "train" them to fit the extreme curve of my sunglasses.

The good: If you can't pull the trigger on a pair of prescription sunglasses, which can be quite pricey, this is a fantastic solution. You can plop down on the beach with your favorite off-the-shelf sunglasses and still be able to read. In my case, my pair of pricey prescription sunglasses were ground up on a security conveyor belt at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, so these provided an interim pair. But when I backpack, I don't want to risk an expensive prescription pair, so these will be going with me into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. I will be able to cut glare off the water and still navigate with a map.

The bad: It may take practice to get the adhesion just right. Make sure the sunglass lenses are clean, and if there is an extreme curve in the glasses, bend the plastic lens under hot water before applying. The lenses can be trimmed to fit.

Cost: $19.95 plus shipping

Available from:, 310-292-2337