Some Cool Travel Web Sites

What: Geared to student travelers seeking inexpensive flights, cheap hotels and spring break ideas.

Why: Many students are flexible about where they go for vacation. The Fare Play feature lets you type in a departure city and dates, then gives suggestions about great deals that week.

How: Click on "Fare Play" and follow the prompts.

What: New interactive 360-degree panorama photos of the Lincoln Memorial.

Why: Lets armchair travelers experience one of America's most beloved memorials without leaving home.

How: Click on the interactive site, then "panoramas" and choose what perspective you'd like. Zoom in to read Abraham Lincoln's words. You can even see the ceiling.

What: Connects you to 26 ski clubs in southeastern Michigan, Ohio and Canada and the ski trips they sponsor.

Why: Instead of skiing alone, get in on good deals in the region and out West.

How: Link to a club, then click on "ski trips" for details.

What: Helps travelers with special needs, disabilities, health and emotional conditions plan a trip to Walt Disney World.

Why: Gives confidence and information to special-needs families, including those with members who have special diets, use oxygen or a wheelchair/scooter, or who have mental challenges.

How: Research by park and issue. One valuable article is how to do Disney with an autistic child.

What: Booking site for group travel, small or large.

Why: Useful if you have several people taking a trip together, all needing flights, hotels, cars or sightseeing activities.

How: Search for airlines, hotel rooms and cars by number of travelers. Also lets you narrow down activities for a destination based on interests and who is in your group.