Police seek dog that was in contact with rabid skunk

Wichita city officials are looking for a dog that may have been exposed to a rabid skunk last week at a paper supply store.

The contact occurred on Saturday afternoon, Dec. 19, at Bradley Paper, 8336 E. 21st St., environmental health officials said in a news release Thursday. Wichita Animal Services confirmed the skunk tested positive for rabies.

Anyone who has information about the owner of the dog is asked to contact Animal Services at 316-641-5310. This is a 24-hour number, including Christmas Day and over the holiday weekend.

A Bradley Paper employee reported that a customer's dog came in contact with the skunk in front of the store. The owner of the dog left without leaving contact information.

Animal control officials say it's important to contact the owner of the dog as soon as possible to get more information about the incident.

Rabies is a deadly disease caused by a virus that humans can catch by coming into contact with infected dogs, cats and ferrets, as well as wild animals.

Each year city officials say they find animals, mostly skunks, that test positive for rabies within the city. Vaccinating pets protects them from contracting rabies.

To report animal bites, or if your pet comes in contact with a skunk or other wild animal, call Animal Services at 316-268-8356.

For incidents that occur outside the city limits of Wichita, call Sedgwick County Animal Control at 316-660-7070.