Get the ball, maybe a glimpse of your pet, with these gadgets

We love our four-legged pals to pieces, crave time with them, feel terrible when we’re apart. Now a growing crop of innovators is working in the pet-tronics and pet-care space, helping to reassure us that Fifi and Fido are doing well even when we’re many miles from home.

Smile for the camera

Surveys suggest that “checking in on the pets” is a core reason for purchase and use of web-connected home-security cameras. Most video snoopsters also have a built-in speaker, so app-linked viewers can remotely coo words of comfort or bellow, “Get off the couch!”

Even better, I’ve found, are specialty video cameras that also distribute treats, such as the Furbo Pet Cam, the Petzi TreatCam, and the Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder.

Furbo ($119 at has the sleekest design and an easily popped-off lid for dropping in refills of your dog or cat’s favorite yummies. Furbo’s Barking Alerts feature pushes a message to your smartphone when your high-strung pal is complaining, encouraging a quick response in your most calming voice.

The Petzi ($151.37 at has the Pavlovian response mechanism down pat. Remotely wake up Petzi through your phone or tablet app and a yellow light glows next to its lens, telling whomever, “You’re on Candid Camera.” Other app-taps remotely cue Petzi’s pleasant musical-jingle alert, capture and then send your voiced communications, and – most important – pump out a handful of dog or cat treats (better crunchy than soft, no longer than one inch).

Petzi’s secure holding tank won’t spill stuff if your smart guy knocks the box over. As with Furbo, remote video views of the darlings can be snapped, shared and compared on social media – in color when there’s strong room light, otherwise captured in black and white.

The Feed and Go ($249 at sits apart by serving full meals, with six rotating compartments that each hold up to 8 ounces of dry or (if you dare) wet food. An SMS or e-mail message is pushed when the feeding starts. And you’ll get a warning if there’s a system failure.

Coming soon, the Gosh easyFeed will increase the options with portioned food and water refilling, too. It will even reorder pet food from Amazon automatically when sensing the storage bin is running on empty. Due in November, it’s now a $155 early-bird special on Kickstarter.

No pictures, just treats

Too far removed or lacking the gear to connect remotely with your pooch? CleverPet serves as a surrogate babysitter, engaging your pal with paw-at-the-blinking-lights games that reward pattern recognition with treats. Get a demo and make an order ($299) at

Exercise this

WonderWoof is a cute, connected Bluetooth bow tie that attaches to your dog’s collar, then reports (to an app) if your pal is doing enough running, sleeping, playing and walking. $95 at

For dogs that like to play “fetch” longer than you do, there’s PetSafe’s Playtime Anytime Automatic Ball Launcher. A tennis ball shoots out, adjusted to fly between 8 and 30 feet away. Poochie hustles after the ball, doubles back, drops it into the device’s top hole, and then … boom! … the ball launches again. A rest feature guarantees a cool-down every 15 minutes.

A Launcher costs $149.95 at, where you’ll also find the Train ‘n Praise Potty Training System, $110 and up. High-rise animals’ best friend, this thing dispenses a treat every time your pet uses its indoor/outdoor pee pad with fake (washable) grass, a large holding tank and optional liners.

The real fake scoop

Clean yards, parks and sidewalks are happy places for pooches and people. Which may explain why several “responsible” news-gathering organizations recently bought whole hog into Pooper, a fake art school project touted as “the Uber for animal cleanup.”

Promoted with a satirical commercial that should have been the scam’s giveaway, the poop dream envisions customers taking and sending a location-fixing photo to “connect you with people to scoop up your dog’s poop.” So you can get on with more important business – say, ordering food delivery to the dog park from UberEats?

Plush accommodations

Spend half your day cleaning animal fur off the furniture? offers an amazingly diverse and pretty line of pet sofas/beds that lure your critters and blend with your home decor.

Sized for small pups or big bruisers, these snooze spots feature washable plush or pleather upholstery and storage for toys and bones, priced from $89.99 to $599.99. Also available online from Amazon, Wayfair, Target, Kohl’s, Bed Bath and Beyond, and

EnchantedHomePet’s Pet Therapeutics brand resting mats are prominent on the same websites. Placed atop a grownup sofa, a TheraWarm Sofa Bolster and Furniture Protector ($59.99) captures and radiates a pet’s natural body heat. Conversely, the TheraCool Gel Cell Cooling Pad ($82.99) absorbs and dissipates excess body heat. Both have memory foam, which helps ease joint and arthritic pain, it’s claimed.