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10 tips for creating an inviting guest room

Eggshell blue mixed with a bold red is an unexpected yet inviting combination in this guest bedroom.
Eggshell blue mixed with a bold red is an unexpected yet inviting combination in this guest bedroom. TNS

Guest bedrooms in many homes are discarded spaces. Sometimes they are filled with clutter and only cleared just hours before a guest arrives, while in other instances, guest bedrooms are left dark and empty, a shrine to the guest who shows up once or twice a year. Guest bedrooms serve as a welcome message to your guests and should be treated as an opportunity to welcome your guests in style.

Here are my top 10 tips for ways to enhance the guest bedroom experience for your guests.

1. Assemble a welcome basket. It is a staple at events such as weddings and large family gatherings, why not create one for your guests? A welcome basket can have the basics such as rolled towels and bottle water or can be enhanced with a special personalized gift.

2. Add books. Books are a wonderful addition to any guest bedroom. From novels to tourist guides and gorgeous magazines, reading material can be a welcomed diversion for your guests.

3. Think fresh and fragrant. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? Fresh flowers say you took the time to add a special touch to welcome your guest.

4. Provide basics. Sometimes guests forget to bring the basics such as soap, toothpaste, even a toothbrush. Having these basics on hand could be a welcomed surprise for your guests.

5. Classic colors. Even though it is your home, it is best to stay away from personalized colors. When designing a guest bedroom, it is best to stick with classic colors such as white, blue, yellow and green.

6. Sumptuous linens. For many guests, staying at your home is in lieu of a hotel, so why not make your guest feel like your home is like a boutique hotel? There is nothing better on a bed than sumptuous linens.

7. Local touches. Coming to your home in some instances may be a vacation for your guests. They may even want to learn more about your local area and take in some of the local sights and flavors. So why not add some local touches to your guest bedroom? For example, if your area is known for local jam or maple syrup, include these in the welcome basket for your guests.

8. Provide privacy. Tired and weary, some guests will welcome the opportunity to have some alone time. If possible, create your guest room in an area that provides privacy, and if possible, its own bathroom.

9. Change it up. Before it gets old and dusty, help keep your guest bedroom fresh and current by changing it up every so often, whether with pillows, artwork or bedding.

10. Clear the clutter. In an ideal situation, the guest bedroom should not be your catch-all room. Clear the clutter and help make your guest feel like it is their space, even if just for a little while.