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Gardener’s almanac (Jan. 25)

Sansevieria is one of the houseplants that can improve indoor air.
Sansevieria is one of the houseplants that can improve indoor air. File photo

A pick of a pepper – After writing about seed varieties last week, Rosalie Hatfield of Belle Plaine wrote to share a favorite of hers. “For many years I have tried to grow good sweet red peppers that don’t rot before they turn red,” Rosalie said in an e-mail. “Last year I tried Atris Hybrid from Park Seed, and they were wonderful. They are described as ‘horn-shaped fruit that is nine inches long and quite heavy, boasting thick walls just perfect for stuffing.’ We ate many, many just clean-and-eat and never got around to stuffing. We were able to share and have many frozen for the winter. I have ordered seed today for this season’s garden.”



Houseplants for indoor air – Houseplants under my care were pretty much on their own in December. Between their now-paltry appearance and the dead indoor air of winter, I’d like to add a fresh plant or two around me. So I dug out the list of plants that the University of Georgia says best remove indoor pollutants:

Superior removal efficiency:

• Hemigraphis alternata: Red ivy

• Hedera helix: English ivy

• Tradescantia pallida: Wandering Jew

• Hoya carnosa: Porcelain flower

Intermediate removal efficiency:

• Ficus benjamina: Weeping fig

• Polyscia fruticosa: Ming aralia

• Fittonia argyroneura: Silver nerve plant

• Sansevieria trifasciata: Mother-in-law’s tongue

• Gusmania sp.: Type of bromeliad

• Anthurium andreanum: Flamingo flower

• Schefflera elegantissima: False aralia

Garden events

Winter market – The Kansas Grown Farmers Market will have an indoor market from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday at the Extension Center, 21st and Ridge Road. It will feature some produce, eggs, honey, meat and crafted items.



Kansas-birthday talk – The lunchtime lecture at Botanica on Wednesday will be dedicated to Kansas’ birthday. Facts about the state and birthday cake will be shared. The lecture, at 12:15 p.m., is included in Botanica admission.