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The Grapevine (June 8)

New product: concrete paint

Rust-Oleum has a new resurfacing product designed to revive aging decks and concrete surfaces.

The product, Deck and Concrete Restore, is 10 times as thick as regular paint or stain. It's meant for surfaces that are structurally sound but unattractive.

The water-based coating is said to lock down splinters, fill cracks and hide other imperfections to create a more attractive, slip-resistant surface. It also protects against moisture and sun damage.

The product is available at Lowe's and Home Depot. The suggested retail price is $49.97 for a gallon.

— Akron Beacon Journal

In bloom at Botanica

Beardless spuria irises, including Sultan’s Sash, pictured above, in the Perennial Border.

Sliding-door design

• Use sliding doors to open up a space or create enclosures. They also can make a powerful design statement, setting a tone that is formal or casual. But if a door is a centerpiece, it needs to be one of a kind.

• Pocket doors can hide beautiful wood or other materials inside the walls. Sliding doors put architectural details on display.

• One of the most popular uses for sliding doors is as replacements for sagging bi-fold doors or dated wood sliding doors on closets.

— Charlotte Observer