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The Grapevine (May 25)

Designer Q&A

Q: What are the best rugs to put in powder rooms, bathrooms and hallways?

A: The creative director for Stark Carpet, Ashley Stark Kenner, responds: In a powder room, I would recommend a sisal or natural-fiber rug – you can never go wrong with those. I would stay away from putting a rug or carpet in a bathroom because of the moisture. The rug will rot and mold. I would stick with a simple bath mat. If you are trying to hide unattractive tile, the only solution would be an indoor-outdoor rug. As for hallways, a runner is always advised to help protect the floor and provide comfort and a sound barrier.

Washington Post

Choosing the right herb pot

A 14-inch-diameter pot is the optimal size for a collection of herbs – large enough to do the job without becoming a major production in weight, cost and soil volume. Herbs need great drainage. Broad, bowl-shaped containers hold moisture longer than regular pots and may drown herbs.

Washington Post

A ‘chip clip’ for heavy stuff

We couldn’t help but see immediate uses for a heavy-duty version of a “chip clip” for such items as open bags of potting soil, de-icer and dog food.

The Handy Camel is a 12-inch bag clip that hinges closed to seal large bags. It also includes a handle that makes it easier to haul the bags around. The clip, which can carry 40 pounds, was designed in Germany and is made in America. The Handy Camel costs $14.95, or four for $44.85, plus shipping. Website: www.handycamel.com.

In bloom at Botanica

Peonies are blooming at Botanica, including Barrington Belle, in the Peony Collection.

Peony tip

Stake peonies now to prevent flopping caused by wind and rain. Plastic-coated wire grids work well to prevent storm flattening. The type of peony materially affects a grid’s performance: Single or semi-double flowered varieties fare better than top-heavy double varieties with a high petal count.

Washington Post

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