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Grapevine (Feb. 2)

Designer Q&A

Q: I like the look of mixed gold and silver metals, but what are the rules? Can you throw in some black metal and bronze as well? How do you prevent a room from descending into metallic chaos?

A: Designer and author Charlotte Moss: First, no rules. Second, of course you can mix. Third, be selective about what you are mixing: quality, heights, volume. Arrange, walk away, come back another day, rearrange, edit again. Your eye, and a little practice, will tell you when to quit. (Pictured: Happy Tape from www.happytape.com.)

Washington Post

Top selling colors of sheets

1. White

2. Light blue

3. Light green

Washington Post

Top crafters teach basics

Want to try your hand at a new creative pursuit?

“Craft: Techniques & Projects” (DK Publishing, $40 hardcover) can get you started.

The book is a comprehensive guide to a variety of craft techniques, written by top crafters in their fields. The authors teach the basics of each craft through words and photos, and then offer a project to let you practice the techniques.

The crafts in the book are appropriate for beginners as well as seasoned crafters, and they don’t require a lot of specialized equipment. Included are textile crafts, paper crafts, jewelry, ceramics, glass, candles, soap and eco crafts.

Akron Beacon Journal

In bloom at Botanica

Winter blooming jasmine, aka Jasminum nudiflorum, in the Sally Stone Sensory Garden.