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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: Lots and lots of weeding everywhere, and harvesting lettuce, Swiss chard and strawberries.

Observations: Black raspberries are beginning to ripen, and there are some beautiful deep red currants. The squash under the row covers are two to three times larger than the ones not under the row covers. We have caught two squash vine borer moths in the pheromone trap, so they are out there already. The hot weather is causing the tomato and pepper plants to grow quickly, and they have lots of flowers.

Challenges: The bean leaves look like Swiss cheese because of the bean leaf beetles. We dusted the plants with Rotenone dust, an organic insecticide.

Anticipated next week: Probably more weeding _ it never quits! The Chinese cabbage is almost ready to harvest, so we'll be featuring it for the Brown Bag Lunch in the Garden series next Friday at 12:15. Bring your lunch and join us.