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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: We removed some of the annuals that were done for the year and generally did some cleanup and deadheading. There were a few tomatoes and peppers to be harvested as well. Newer seedlings were thinned to a better spacing so that the plants will have room to grow.

Observations: We didn't sustain much damage from the storm on Wednesday night, other than some of the seedlings getting pretty muddy and slightly flattened. The strawberries are producing again, with some nicer, larger berries now that it isn't so hot.

Challenges: The fall Asian greens and radishes are being eaten by flea beetles, and the Swiss Chard has some pretty bad leaf spots. All of those vegetables were sprayed with neem oil to kill off some of the insects and give the plants a chance to grow.

Anticipated next week: More harvesting and general fall cleanup.