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On the garden hotline

Here are some of the questions called in to the Extension Master Gardener hotline (316-660-0190) this week.

How do you control tree seedlings (elm and oak) that have just emerged in a fescue lawn?

Right now, hand weeding is the method for control. In late September treat the lawn with a broadleaf weed herbicide (labeled for dandelions), and it will take out these tree seedlings too. Late September and October are the best times of the year to control dandelion. Using the same product now can volatize and cause damage to desirable plants.

Can you make jelly from any crabapple variety?

Technically yes. They are all edible. The only difference between apple and crabapple is the size of the fruit. Using fruits from the large fruited crabapple varieties is a much more fruitful endeavor. The tiny ornamental fruits are mainly seeds and skin.

What is the best way to control webworms in trees, when you have just a few clumps of webs?

Prune them out and throw the webbed mass in the trash (on trash day).

What is the small bright yellow tree on the Extension Center grounds?

It is Hearts of Gold redbud.