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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: Harvesting two-thirds of the radishes, more Asian leaf radish and the largest leaves from the spinach and mixed lettuce; planting Chinese long beans and herbs including cumin, waterpepper, citrus marigolds and parsley.

Observations: The strawberries are loaded with flowers and small green strawberries. The black raspberries and grapes are covered with buds, promising good yields.

Challenges: Overnight temperatures were too low to plant tomatoes. Some tomatoes started indoors have bizarre yellow patterns on the leaves, probably from a magnesium deficiency. We're trying a foliage spray of Epsom salts to see if that helps. If symptoms disappear, we'll add magnesium to the soil when we plant.

Anticipated next week: Harvesting the rest of the radishes and much of the lettuce and planting tomatoes, peppers and eggplant in that space.