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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: Many of the Asian greens are bolting (flowering) as the weather gets warmer. We harvested a few more greens, then pulled them out to prepare for planting cucumbers. The spinach is also going downhill, so we pulled it and will be planting summer lettuce in its place. We fertilized the peppers lightly with a granular fertilizer, since they are not growing well because of the earlier rain and cool weather. We have been harvesting beautiful strawberries every other day.

Observations: The carrots are about the size of a pencil, and the beets are about the size of a quarter, so it will be a few more weeks until harvest. The Swiss chard is beautiful! We are seeing the first cherry tomatoes setting on, as well as tomatillos and grapes.

Challenges: The rain can stop already! The plants are suffering with too much water, and it is going to be stressful for the plants to make the transition to our more normal hot and dry weather.

Anticipated next week: We will be mulching the tomatoes and peppers in the next couple of weeks. We will plant cucumbers and heat-resistant lettuce. We will start a brown-bag-lunch program in the garden next Friday at 12:15 p.m. Bring your lunch and join us at 21st and Ridge Road each Friday through summer.