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This week in the vegetable garden

Tasks: Planting another row of beets, and two rows of carrots interplanted with radishes. (The radishes will be harvested quickly, and the carrots will then fill in.) One of the columnar apple trees is blooming, but the other looks flowerless (and hence fruitless) this year. To encourage pollination, we cut a couple of branches from a flowering crabapple and put them in water under the apple tree. Maybe we'll have a couple of apples!

Observations: The strawberries are in full bloom, and the currants continue to bloom. The grapevine is putting on leaves. The Chinese cabbage and spring radishes are growing rapidly, and some beets are already popping up from last week's planting.

Challenges: Wind! The tomato and pepper plants we started indoors should start going outside to get adapted, but there is just too much wind. Lots of maple and elm seedlings have popped up everywhere, courtesy of some of the trees in the arboretum.

Anticipated next week: Weeding, preparing another raised bed, planting beans, thinning seedlings.